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Mississippi State Basketball 2010-2011

Well, another season is in the books.  With a season that started off with such promise, having everyone but Jarvis back again, adding Sidney, and look what happened.  Something has to change.  Year after year, it appears that the Bulldogs have the talent to make a run at an SEC title, and they come up flat.  Is it talent?  Is it coaching?  Is it both?  No one thing appears to be the problem.  The talent is solid.  Some live up to expectations, other do not, but the recruiting classes have been there.  Has Sidney caused this team to self-destruct?  Did waiting on the clearance from the NCAA to play all of last season and the fighting/suspensions from this season cause unknown damage to the team?  Did the transfer of Hansborough set the program back 2 years?  He had an excellent season this year, but probably wouldn't have been at MSU anyway (5th year senior).  Do you go all the way back to Ellis?  Did his commit then jump to the NBA set us back 2 years?  No one can answer those questions.

Stansbury has done a great job at MSU.  He is the winningest coach in MSU history.  He took over a team in shambles two years after the 1995-96 run to the Final Four.  He has taken the team to the NCAA tourney 6 times, won the west 2 times, the SEC tournament twice.  Here is a list of the records, tournaments and results (pulled from MSU Athletics page):

1998-99   20-13  .606    8-8/t-3rd (W)                NIT (1st Rnd)
1999-00   14-16  .467    5-11/t-5th (W)
2000-01   18-13  .581    7-9/t-4th (W)                NIT (Quarters)
2001-02   27-8    .771    10-6/2nd (W)               NCAA (2nd Rnd)
2002-03   21-10  .677    9-7/1st (W)                  NCAA (1st Rnd) 
2003-04   26-4    .867    14-2/1st                       NCAA (2nd Rnd) 
2004-05   23-11  .676    9-7/3rd (W)                  NCAA (2nd Rnd)
2005-06   15-15  .500    5-11/4th (W)
2006-07   21-14  .600    8-8/t-1st (W)                NIT (Semifinals)
2007-08   23-11  .676    12-4/1st (W)                NCAA (2nd Rnd)
2008-09   23-13  .639    9-6/1st (W)                  NCAA (1st Rnd)
2009-10   24-12  .667    9-7/1st (W)                  NIT (2nd Rnd)
Overall, doesn't look bad right?  MSU has only been to the NCAA tournament TEN times and SIX have come under Stansbury.  Take a closer look at a particular aspect of those games: NCAA Tournament Games.

2002 - 3 seed, beat McNeese St, lost to 6 seed Texas.  Texas lost the next game.
2003 - 5 seed, lost to 12 seed Butler. Butler won one more game.
2004 - 2 seed, beat Monmoth, lost to 7 seed Xavier.  Xavier won one more game.
2005 - 9 seed, beat Stanford, lost to 1 seed Duke.  Duke lost the next game.
2008 - (best appearance since '96 in my opinion) - 8 seed, beat Oregon, lost to 1 seed Memphis (74-77).  Memphis lost in the Finals.
2009 - 13 seed, lost to 4 seed Washington.  Washington lost the next game.

With the exception being 2008, MSU has played poorly in the NCAA tournament against opponents that they were supposed to beat.  Just something for everyone to keep in mind.  With the seniors leaving off this years team, and the questions around Sidney, is next year going to be any better?  A good recruiting class appears to be on the way, but do any of them have the size/skill to step in as a freshman?  Rebounding killed MSU this year.  Is there a solution in the works for that?  All good questions that we will find out as the offseason unfolds.  Comments are always welcome.  Thanks for reading.

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Vikings Latest Mistake

If you haven't heard by now, the Vikings have waived Randy Moss.  In what I consider the 3rd worst move in franchise history (the first trading of Moss and the Walker trade being 1 and 2, respectively), the franchise has reached the point where an intervention is necessary.  Here are my thoughts on what needs to happen from the HC down:

To cut your losses and not continue in a downward spiral of embarrassment to yourselves and the franchise, chalk the season up to a rebuilding year. Fire Childress. This has been a long time coming and the decisions that were made off/on the field Sunday/Today are evident that this team is out of control. Promote Frazier on an interim basis for the remainder of the season. He is well worth it and deserves a shot. Trade/waive Favre. I believe we saw what everyone else knows around the organization on Sunday, that TJack is ready to step in and produce. Go after Vincent Jackson. Now we are back to a need at WR, go get a good one. Let AD "run" 25 times a game. Trying to get a 3rd and 1 by sweeping 5 yards in the backfield on the weak side is a pathetic play call. Yes he can be stopped inside, but more times than not, off tackle gets it done. Use the screen pass to AD or even Harvin more often. This was resurrected again this weekend with great results. Why go away from it? If anybody agrees, or disagrees, feel free to point it out. This has gone on long enough.
This is my first attempt at this, so let me know what you guys think.  Thanks for reading.
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